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4 + 4 best practices for marketing shoes with augmented reality

Amazon Fashion shows the Virtual Try On for shoes feature
May 8, 2024

Discover specific examples of how selected providers have benefited from augmented reality.

With significantly better conversion rates along the entire funnel and higher customer confidence in the buying process.

1) Amazon Virtual TryOn Shoes

Amazon's virtual shoe fitting (Virtual TryOn, see video above) is an augmented reality (AR) feature that allows customers to imagine what a pair of shoes would look like on their feet before they buy.
It combines 3D models of shoes with the live image from the customer's mobile phone camera to create an AR experience in which the customer can look at the shoes on their feet and view them from different angles.

What do you need for that? The model is integrated like other product content (e.g. images, 360 degree views or videos) - all you need is the 3D model of your product.

Just get in touch with us, if you want to use your products in excellent quality for Virtual TryOns.

2) Nike Virtual TryOn (Nike Fit) reduces returns

Augmented reality now works on every normal smartphone without having to download a separate app. Before that was the case, you had to go through your own app to be able to offer these unique experiences. Nike already has a strong and far-reaching app and above 2019 published its first major Virtual TryOn solution. According to its own statements, Nike has the new customer business the return rate for purchases be able to reduce by 28%.

3) Burberry improves user experience even in search

Burberry used a new augmented reality (AR) feature via Google Search back in 2020, to display your products, such as bags and shoes, in 3D. This allows consumers to experience Burberry products in their real environment and thus get a better idea of the product before they buy it. When users search for Burberry items like the TB bag or Arthur Check sneakers on Google, they can place a full-size AR version of the product next to other objects. This feature should offer even when looking for inspiration for a personalized luxury shopping experience.

Example: Burberry products as an AR model, Copyright: Burberry Group plc, 2020

4) Dior quadruples ROI with AR launch campaign

Christian Dior worked with Snapchat to promote the launch of their new B27 sneakers.According to Dior Lens and Snapchat ads alone quadrupled The brand's return on ad spend of 3.8 times and an additional 2.3 million views. According to Dior, this was one of the brand's most successful activations, as it enabled customers to experience the products digitally and buy directly via the platform. Dior sees AR as an opportunity to revolutionize the digital customer experience and appeal to a younger, digital-savvy target group.

5) 300% better conversion rate in e-commerce advertising with AR and 3D models

With its 3D/AR advertising network, NexTech claims to have achieved significant increases compared to 2D advertising media. The use of the company's 3D/AR ads led to a 300% increase in conversion rate, a 32 percent increase in click-through rate (CTR) and a 23 percent reduction in cost per click over traditional 2D ads. The network allows retailers to display 3D and AR ads on e-commerce websites.

6) 11x higher conversion rate thanks to “View in my Room” function

Over the course of 2 years, more than 2 million people have used the Augmented Reality feature of the Houzz app. Houzz is a leading platform for interior design, interior design, and DIY. People who have dabbled with the tool were 11 times more likely to be ready to buy and spent 2.7 times more time on the app.

Houzz app shows what a piece of furniture, in this case: sofa, would look like in your own home.

7) Virtual TryOn for jewelry

The small company Tryon Technology from Toronto has tried out an application for using AR and virtually trying on jewelry products in the jewelry sector and created an appealing solution.

8) Virtual TryOn for makeup

And in the area of makeup, too, there are proprietary solutions that enable users to carry out guided styling and application of makeup.

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