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RenderThat as a service, platform and business strategy

RenderThat helps companies with large portfolios bring physical products with all their details into the digital world - without the typical challenges of logistics, repeat costs and elaborate planning of traditional product photography or video production.

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Mitarbeiter im 3D-Fotolabor bei der Arbeit im RenderThat Office in Hamburg

We work in partnership with many large industrial and commercial companies


What we do

We visualise products. To do this, we recreate customer products as digital 3D models. These serve us as a basis for the creation and use of exciting content, such as images, animations or interactive formats like Augmented reality or product configurators.

The company's core business is photorealistic visualisations using CGI. With the digital 3D model as a basis, RenderThat offers customers digital copies of physical products. Once digitised, versatile possibilities for product presentation open up, massively reducing marketing effort and costs.


Our mission is to help teams create exciting, visual content for product marketing.


How it all began

From study project to start-up

Originally, RenderThat started in 2012 as a digital agency in Aachen. Two architecture students were looking for a simple solution to visualise single-family homes for a study project. That's how they discovered the power of 3D renderings and the potential of creating Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) content for their purposes.

A growing company with a passion for learning

10 years of experience and many customer projects later, nothing has changed in the search for the optimal solution. Customer satisfaction and service remain our top priorities. On our future platform, we will offer our customers the ability to easily manage their content, scale and conveniently collaborate with stakeholders from anywhere in the world via interfaces.

From the service idea to the holistic SaaS platform

To meet the growing challenges of our customers and the latest technologies on the market, RenderThat employs teams of specialists worldwide - from software developers to 3D creation people. Enough man power to develop flexible content options in the areas of automation, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, digital trade shows, product configurators and product images and videos.

Ready for the future of 3D visualisation

The proof: We are well on our way to becoming an international Software-as-a-Service company and employ over 130 people from more than 30 nations. RenderThat has been headquartered in Hamburg since 2017, with additional locations in Berlin, Cologne, Munich and, most recently, New York City.


The focus of RenderThat's work

We create exciting 3D visualisations of products. Everything 100% digital and simply prepared.

Das RenderThat Content-HUB auf einem Laptop mit dem digitalen Zwilling eines Kopfhörers.

What makes us special

Visualisation is only a small part of what really makes our performance. The real power of RenderThat is in how we can shape the work we do with our clients. With our HUB, we deliver a solution that makes our work scalable. We harness the power of automation and artificial intelligence to create content better, faster and more efficiently
Mit dem digitalen Zwilling entsteht bei RenderThat eine exakte Kopie Ihres Produkts..

Why we are needed

Visual content is the driving engine of every product and marketing department today. From simple product images to interactive AR models, the requirements of digital transformation for companies are increasing. We like to support them by thinking in a process-oriented way. Turning complex processes into simple, efficient ways of working is our strength.
Der RenderThat Content-HUB auf einem Laptop.

What drives us as a team

We see ourselves as a driving force behind digital transformations of companies. Our goal is to make simple processes and easy software solutions the focus of our business. In doing so, we live in an open working culture that gives ideas and diversity a home.

RenderThat at a glance

Discover the main features of the company in a brief overview.

Offices in 5 locations worldwide

in Hamburg, Berlin, Köln, München und New York (USA).

At home around the world

mit über 130 Mitarbeitern aus mehr als 30 Ländern.

We combine talents

von Design und Projekt Management bis zur Software Entwicklung, Machine Learning und AI.

Sustainable rendering

auf unserer eigenen Renderfarm, mit 100% Ökostrom.

We are adaptable

an Workflows, Systeme und verrückte Ideen.

Integration of our work

in alle gängigen Software-Lösungen Ihres Unternehmens.

Interested in becoming part of the team?

We are always looking for unusual ideas, curious people or inspiring conversations.

Mitarbeiter bei der Arbeit im RenderThat Office in Hamburg.