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Simple and transparent processes

From real product to digital 3D model: Discover how 3D visualisation of individual products or large portfolios typically works for us. Learn more about the processes that strengthen the collaboration with our customers.

Auf einem Screen ist der digitale Zwilling von hochwertigen Kopfhörern zu sehen.

Our team draws on over 10 years of industry experience and works with transparent workflows and proven software tools. This allows our experts to tailor-make all the formats you need for your product marketing.


The first acquaintance

We introduce you to the world of 3D visualisation. In the process, we get to know your product portfolio, marketing goals and requirements to get the most out of your budget.

Your benefits:

Free roadmap for 3D digital content production
Matching the right 3D services to your needs as well as your budget
Efficient workflows thanks to proven project management methods
Die Community Manager stehen den Kreativ-Talenten des RenderThat Talent Network täglich bei der Arbeit an 3D-Design Aufgaben zur Steite.

The digitisation of the product

We use the references you provide to create a digital copy of your product. This 3D model then serves us as the basis for subsequent content production.

Your benefits:

Save yourself the hassle of extended photoshoots
No more retouching required, content can be easily modified
Cheaper and faster than classic product photography
Der digitale Zwilling kann im HUB für AR, Produktbilder und Videos genutzt werden.

The production of the assets

We create numerous 3D visualisations for your marketing activities - from simple product images to exciting animations or Augmented Reality.

Your benefits:

Modern, powerful formats
Affordable product visualisations in impressive quality
Further variations or perspectives can be made effortlessly
RenderThat Kreativ-Talent bei der Arbeit an einer herausfordernden 3D-Design Aufgabe

The delivery of the formats

We give your team access to a variety of free tools that let you easily manage, integrate, and publish content you've already created.

Your benefits:

Stakeholders can assist with content production and the approval process
Less management in the delivered visual content
Publication in the right format and exactly where it is needed
Ein Kunde nutzt eine Augmented Reality App von RenderThat auf einem Tablet.

Scaling your visualizations

The true advantage of 3D visualisation is scalability. We advise you so that you can achieve the best results and gain long-term improvements, always taking into account your budget.

Your benefits:

Sustainable, digital transformation of your product portfolio
Create synergy effects and get the most out of your budget
Practical pipelines for maximum efficiency in 3D production
Auf einem Screen ist der digitale Zwilling von hochwertigen Kopfhörern zu sehen.

How modern
3D visualization works

Many companies waste countless resources creating product images or videos. There is another way. Save a lot of time, money and effort, especially with large product portfolios.

Without photo studios and logistical effort
Without the retouching of each image
Without long planning or expensive repeat costs
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"Being able to use product videos, animations or clippings with excellent quality and cool perspectives even before the actual sale means a clear budget and time saving in marketing for us. RenderThat accompanies us with full commitment and a helpful, competent team."

Michael Böhringer


Discover selected examples of work

Frequently asked questions about our way of working

With the help of a passionate team, state-of-the-art 3D production and agile work processes, we create exciting, photo-realistic formats for your product marketing.

What is a digital twin?

The digital twin is an exact, digital mirror image of your real product. We use this 3D model to create your complete virtual set-up and stage your product according to your wishes.

What is a 3D rendering?

Strictly speaking, "rendering" is the computing process of a computer/server. A static image, for example, is generated from a three-dimensional scene as the end result. The result is virtually a snapshot of one or more products, in a scene with a perspective.

What is needed for a 3D rendering?

Not much. All we need from you is data and/or dimensions with which we can digitally recreate your product, as well as the desired perspective. We generate the necessary 3D data e.g. with photo references, CAD files or real samples; combinations are also possible.

Are there any requirements for us to work together?

No. Request a free consultation with us directly to find the best solution for your ideas.

How does the creative process work? Who is responsible for the input?

The creative process is completely adapted to the wishes of our customers. If you already have a clear idea of what you want to have implemented, we will take it over. Existing formats can also serve us as an aid. If you do not have a briefing yet, we will gladly take over this part for you and make concrete suggestions.

What synergy effects can be achieved?

Certain products that are similar to each other can be easily visualised by using automation and machine learning technologies to provide excellent value for you.

How much does a 3D visualization cost?

Without detailed information, it is difficult to give a lump sum price. Learn more about our

Do you have further questions?

We are happy to tell you more about our workflows or processes in writing or in a short conversation.

Want to implement smart 3D projects with our team?

We look forward to your wishes, ideas and inspiring conversations.

3D-Creation Specialist zuständig für die Arbeit mit unseren Kreativ-Talenten aus dem RenderThat Talent Network