3D product photography for impressive product images

3D product images increase the efficiency and quality of your content. Based on a digital 3D model of your product, we create different image formats for you and thus reduce logistical effort.

3D-Modell von schwarzen beyerdynamic Kopfhörern als technische Zeichnung mit grünen, schwarzen und weißen Linien

Innovative and inexpensive

In classic product photography, products are photographed in the studio. Modern 3D product photography works more simply.

Your product is digitally reproduced by us in shape, colour and surface. On this basis, we can produce a wide range of perspectives or variations without any additional effort.

Photorealistic product images without photoshooting
Detailed and error free representations
Unlimited formats and variations

High quality and customisable

Changes to the photo set-up at the last minute or after the deadline? With 3D product photography, this is practically achievable and without renewed logistical effort. The digital creation of 3D product images makes 3D product photography scalable. Retouching becomes unnecessary.

Reduction of linear costs such as studio space, retouching or props
Ideal for small and large changes
Have visuals created without a finished product

Interactive and extensible

Classic product photography finds it difficult to meet the constantly changing demands of the digital world. Completely virtually created 3D product images do not know these hurdles. Your products can be integrated into any imaginable set-up or imagined world.

Digitally created and naturally scalable
Quick creation of cross-media content
Inexpensive production of format extensions, e.g. product animations

The creation of a digital product image

3D product images can be created more efficiently than through classic methods. Discover the advantages of digital 3D product photography.

3D product photography with our RenderThat benefits

2 Personen aus dem RenderThat Team diskutieren die Projektplanung einer 3D-Visualisierung eines Kopfhörers
Strong and personalised support to get started with 3D product photography, as well as advanced approval and feedback tools
RenderThat Fotolabor mit menschen beim Digitalisieren von Produkten
No equipment purchases, as work is done from samples, photo references or 3D data of your product
Digitaler Zwilling eines Kopfhörers von RenderThat.
All common image formats in deceptively real photo quality (can permanently and easily be optimised)

Customer testimonials

"Since 2017, RenderThat has been partnering with us to support faster content production with reduced logistics at more attractive prices. The quality of the 3D renderings is top notch and you can't tell the difference from real photos."

Carolin Überacker

Product Manager, Aquinos

"Being able to use product videos, animations or clippings with excellent quality and cool perspectives even before the actual sale means a clear budget and time saving in marketing for us. RenderThat accompanies us with full commitment and a helpful, competent team."

Michael Böhringer

Product Marketing Manager, beyerdynamic

"In the past, there was a long time between the production of a mobile home and the publication of the first product images. Today, with 3D visualisations from RenderThat, we have found a super solution to quickly and flexibly get photorealistic images for our customers. The collaboration is very professional, the response speed to requests is excellent and the possibility of interactive correction is very easy".

Irina Morent

Teamleiterin Design, Carthago Reisemobilbau

"RenderThat has been helping us create product images and AR models for several years. Thanks to a clear batch processing solution, i.e. the interaction of 3D renderings and Photoshop batch exports, we can display our huge switch portfolio clearly and error free. Even small text changes no longer require classic product photography"

Jochen Janssen

Leiter Digitalisierung, Doepke Schaltgeräte

"What I really appreciate about RenderThat is that not only the quality of the images is convincing, but also that the work is so easy for me as a product manager. RenderThat has continued to develop here over the past few years. For the last project, I was able to do all the coordination, my feedback and the approvals in one place. All the tasks required for the project were clearly laid out in one dashboard: a considerable relief that made it really fun to work with, and allowed delivery well before the deadline."

Raphael Meier

Head of Product Management & Development, Hilding Anders Switzerland AG

Frequently asked questions about product images

We create exciting, photo-realistic product images for your product marketing. Thanks to 3D product photography, everything is 100% digital and easy to use.

Why are 3D renderings more advantageous than classic product photography?

3D renderings are more flexible than classic methods. 3D data that has already been created can be reused or further processed at any time, e.g. the identical set-up in different locations. This eliminates "superfluous repetition costs" for 3D renderings and means that fewer people need to be involved overall.

What is a 3D rendering?

Strictly speaking, "rendering" is the computing process of a computer/server. A static image, for example, is generated from a three-dimensional scene as the end result. The result is virtually a snapshot of one or more products, in a scene with a perspective.

What image formats can you produce with 3D renderings?

In principle, we can create all common formats, scenes or perspectives for you with 3D renderings. Particularly popular formats with our customers are .webp, .png .tiff .psd and three to five orthogonal perspectives for product detail pages in the online store.

How time-consuming is the creation of 3D renderings for product images?

This depends on the complexity of your product's geometry and surface finish. Of course, the desired environment also influences the effort. Water and glossy surfaces, for example, are more difficult to create than other materials.

How long does it take to create a product image?

There is no blanket duration to create a product image. The initial effort to build the digital 3D copy of your product is different for each product. After that, however, it usually only takes a few hours to finish rendering the product image. Good to know: RenderThat has a very strong computing power due to its own render farm.

What do I need to do to get 3D renderings?

Not much, because our team takes care of the complete 3D process and takes the creative lead with the 3D designers. All we need from you is data and/or dimensions with which we can digitally recreate your product, as well as the desired perspective. We generate desired 3D data e.g. based on photo references, CAD files or real samples, combinations are also possible.

How much does it cost to produce product images with 3D renderings?

Our prices are made up of various factors. In general, the more products in your portfolio that can be digitized automatically, the lower the unit price for a product image.

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