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Have product videos created without limits in animation

The production of 100% digitally created video content became the new standard years ago. Perfectly suited for emotional launch trailers, explainer videos or promotional videos of your product.


Digital and borderless

Use animated formats of your product to sell it on popular advertising platforms. Get inventive and integrate your product into unusual environments or scenes.

Implementation of unusual scenarios
Have product videos created for Amazon, e-bay or Zalando

Realistic and detailed

Digital product videos can not only highlight impressive characteristics naturally, but also provide revealing insights into the inner workings of your product. Spice up your online store with detailed product videos.

Impressive, interactive product animations
Optimal for e-commerce stores like Shopify, Wordpress, Webflow

Scalable and efficient

New perspectives, scenes or product changes can also be added to a product video afterwards. Simple and with minimal effort. Especially beneficial for your AB tests or large-scale marketing campaigns.

Let us create product videos that can be optimised quickly and cheaply
Product videos for Facebook, YouTube, Tik-Tok or Instagram

Discover the versatility of modern product videos

Having product videos produced completely digitally is more cost effective than using traditional methods. There are no limits to your ideas.

Have beautiful product videos created with RenderThat's expertise

Eine Hand hält ein Handy mit einem mit Kopfhörer-Video
Flexible 3D visualisation as the basis for all implementations and product scenarios
RenderThat 3D-Visualisierung eines modernen, schwarzen Kopfhörers von beyerdynamic
All known video formats in best quality, including unusual animations
RenderThat Kreativ-Talente bei der Arbeit.
3D designers and project managers with diverse industry experience

Customer testimonials

"Being able to use product videos, animations or clippings with excellent quality and cool perspectives even before the actual sale means a clear budget and time saving in marketing for us. RenderThat accompanies us with full commitment and a helpful, competent team."

Michael Böhringer

Product Marketing Manager, beyerdynamic

"We have full confidence in the RenderThat team when it comes to producing 3D models and product videos for our website, social media and brochures. The dedicated team perfectly manages to realize our wishes and does a great job in implementing materials, creative storytelling and, of course, project coordination."

André Scherzer

Advertising & Communication, KÖNIG & MEYER

Discover work examples of our 3D video production

Frequently asked questions about product videos

We create outstanding product videos for your marketing. All formats can be staged and animated as often as you wish, where and how you need it.

How time-consuming is the creation of product videos or animations?

The longer the animation, the greater the effort. Every second that is produced counts, so to speak. In addition, there is the environment in which the product is shown and what action the product should take (example: product in an empty room vs. product floating through New York).

What types of product animations are there?

There are two particularly well-known types of animation: Explainer videos (focus on the features and benefits of the products) and emotional videos (focus on aesthetics, sense of use and branding).

How do I get product videos or animations created by you?

First, you give us 3D data of your product based on samples, photo references or CAD files. Then we get an understanding of your product and what makes it special. Then, you either tell us your ideas in the brief or we make suggestions. In the storyboard phase, we welcome your text about the product and its features. Ready is the animation.

How long does it take to create product animations and videos?

We can deliver finished formats after about 4 weeks. Depending on the desired length, animation type and effort, the production can also take longer, or even be completed faster.

How does the creative process work? Who is responsible for the input?

The creative process is completely adapted to the wishes of our customers. If there is already a clear idea of what you want to have implemented, we will take it over. Existing videos can also serve us as an aid. If you do not have a briefing yet, we will gladly take over this part for you and make concrete suggestions.

Music in product animations: What do I need to consider?

Nothing. If you want to design your animations with sound, we provide you with a small selection of songs during production. These can be purchased including the rights of use and matched to the animation highlights.

How much do product videos and product animations cost?

Our prices are made up of many factors. Important to know: The longer or more detailed the animation is to be, the higher the final price.

More questions?

We will be happy to email or talk to you about how you can have us create product videos for you.

Contact our team

We are a global team of passionate 3D designers and project managers. Let us help you with your next marketing challenge.

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