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7 industries - 7 applications for 3D best practices

3D animation of a protein - motor of a protein
July 11, 2023

With 3D applications, anything can be displayed — without exaggeration — photorealistic product images, immersive user experience, or things that don't even exist.

With these 7 examples from recent years, you will get a brief but entertaining insight into what is possible: 7 industries - 7 creative, successful, helpful and fascinating solutions through 3D applications.

From app to Google search: Immersive product demonstration with IKEA

Anyone who has scanned a QR Code has used AR (Augmented Reality). Most people will also have placed a piece of furniture in their own living room via smartphone. Denn Furniture and 3D They now go hand in hand.

IKEA was a pioneer for this. In 2017, the furniture giant released its own IKEA Place app, inspiring users and their experience.

Does the dresser really fit in the open corner? Do I like the color or do I have to choose another one? IKEA's 3D application brought AR to the masses.

For IKEA, the app was a complete success and by the end of 2022 alone, it had approximately 8.5 million downloads.

Since April 2023, many of IKEA's more than 10,000 products have also been direct Can be found as 3D objects via Google search (although currently only for Android smartphones).

Testing instructions: Search for “bror trolley” using the Android smartphone, look at the Google Shopping results and place the trolley directly in your own kitchen.

Unfortunately, this direct integration into Google Search is still only possible for products that are sold in the USA. However, it already makes sense for manufacturers and shops to integrate their 3D and AR visuals on the website in this way (Add attribute, it's explained here) that your own virtual product demonstration can also start directly with Google search in the future.

Train foreign-language specialists: training with AR and VR

Augmented and virtual reality offer excellent opportunities for training.

If certain scenarios in a real environment are too complex or dangerous, they can be simulated and played through interactively or immersively via headset or even 360-degree simulation.

Just as valuable for working at high-voltage plants or in chemical plants as in sensitive situations in medicine or care.

The example project InlinguaVRvision a language school in Halle and the Fraunhofer Institute in Magdeburg show how to implement situational language learning for professionals in virtual reality:

Training with AR and VR is now becoming increasingly popular. According to one pwc study from 2022 Young people learn through VR 4 times as fast as in the classroom and during continuing education, people feel around 3 times as safe if they have previously practiced an activity with VR.

Ferrari X Tesla: With automotive design to an unusual hybrid

Cars are designed using 3D software, of course. So far, so exciting.

But the project by 3D designer and director Ash Thorp (who also works for the 2022 Batmobile responsible).

For his project “Evinetta” Together with CGI automotive artist Carlos Pecino (alias colorsponge), he simply crossed a Ferrari Berlinetta from the 70s with the Tesla from the 1920s. Here is the result in cinematographic trailer style, two minutes of unwasted lifetime.

Arcade instead of showroom: Nike's Nikeland in the metaverse

Nike brought a virtual showroom to the metaverse in its very own way at the end of 2021, receiving around 21 million — very young — visitors in one year.

With Nikeland, the fashion giant created a mini metaverse, which was provided by the provider Roblox (platform for metaverse applications).

Instead of a virtual showroom, they created an arcade: In principle, Nikeland is a large playing field that is intended to introduce the younger target group to the brand.

And in addition to playing, the shopping experience is already being learned. On the one hand, for the younger people who are not yet solvent and can stock up on virtual caps and shoes, and on the other hand, the solvent, who learn how to spend money in the metaverse in the future. In this example, for Nike and its products.

“Digital is increasingly becoming part of everyone's shopping behavior, and we are well positioned to achieve our vision of reaching 40% of digital business by 2025.” - Nike CFO Matthew Friend, 2019

Down to the smallest atom: 3D simulation in medical research

Since 2020, virtually everyone has known what a virus cell can look like. Visualizing details invisible to people — as in medicine — helps enormously to generate understanding of illnesses or healing options.

But 3D simulation is also used to simplify research itself.

This is shown by a somewhat complex but very exciting presentation by Biochemilker and obvious 3D enthusiast Brady Johnston from Australia.

A highlight of the presentation is a 3D animation: Who himself moving motor (!) of a protein.

Johnston used leading 3D software, Blender, to visualize viruses and their behavior down to the atomic level in 3D.

With Blender's “Geometry Nodes” tool, complex and scientifically accurate data can be manipulated and visualized.

This helps researchers in their day-to-day work, but also helps them communicate their results in a more understandable way to the general public.

Sleep more peacefully even as a product marketer: Digitalization portfolio for Aquinos

Let's say that a company has 1,000 products. Each of them should be perfectly presented in the online shop. In each case as a freelancer and in different perspectives, including with different environments. And everything that is text must of course be adapted for all other target languages.

When the company is also a large furniture manufacturer, the particular task becomes even clearer: A great deal of logistics, lots of photos and a great deal of post-processing would be necessary. And as soon as a product changes, the process often starts from the beginning.

With the help of 3D solutions, this now also works differently — and cheaper. And that is by completely digitizing products (Digital twin) and the shoot itself can be carried out virtually and cheaper at any time. If the product changes, the digital twin is adapted and all content formats are updated almost automatically.

Everything is possible: beds, mattresses and their interior, or even fluffy textiles

RenderThat has shown with well-known and internationally active companies that this works for huge product portfolios.

One exciting case is Aquinos, which includes brands such as Schlaraffia and Swissflex. Since 2017, RenderThat from Hamburg has been creating close-ups, visualizations in the milieu and everything else that is wanted for the bedroom furniture company Freisteller — virtually on the fly.

Not a photo, but photorealistically visualized by the agency RenderThat using 3D rendering.

As an international company, it is an advantage for Aquinos that the elements of the digitized products can be reused very easily for target countries such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.

“Since 2017, RenderThat has been partnering with us to produce content faster with reduced logistics at more attractive prices. The quality of the 3D renderings is great and you don't see any difference to real photos.” Carolin Überacker - Product Manager, Aquinos

Click here to further references by renderThat.

Beaming from the couch to the dream home: 3D tour of real estate

In cities such as Munich, Cologne or Hamburg, it is not difficult as a landlord to find interested parties for an apartment. A snapshot or the message “Follow pictures” in the ad is also enough.

For the sale of real estate, on the other hand, things look different. And 3D can also help with that, as this example of a collaboration between Redfin and Matterport shows.

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