Work as a freelancer at RenderThat

At home worldwide

Wir sind in über 25 Ländern über den ganzen Globus vertreten.

Cultural diversity makes us strong

Zusammen sprechen wir ca. 29 verschiedene Sprachen.

3D renderings are our passion

Wir erstellen Interiors, Exteriors, Freisteller und vieles mehr.

A constantly growing community

Wir beschäftigen aktuell über 500 Designer in unserem Netzwerk.

Versatile projects

Unser Kunden stammen aus Branchen wie z.B. Elektronik, Mode oder Lebensmittel.

Design. Improve. Repeat

Smarte Prozess- und Software Optimierung ist für uns das A und O.

Your advantages as a 3D design freelancer at RenderThat

Are you looking for a strong network to get modern 3D projects without extra effort? Do you have versatile 3D skills? At RenderThat we value community and create a beneficial workplace that consists of more than just projects and deadlines.

RenderThat Kreativ-Talent bei der Arbeit an einer herausfordernden 3D-Design Aufgabe

Profit from challenging jobs

Work on interesting and varied projects where you make the difference. Use your skills specifically where they bring real added value, also for expanding your personal 3D skills.

RenderThat Kreativ-Talente veranstalten 3D-Design Live-Streams per YouTube Channel.

Enjoy captivating live streams from 3D experts

Meet other designers regularly for our famous "Design Live-Stream". Watch live members of our team and let them guide you through various 3D design topics. Learn new skills, get helpful tips and tricks or ask questions while the stream takes place on Youtube. This is a great way to meet other team members and get new impressions.

RenderThat Kreativ-Talente bei der Arbeit.

Work on time-efficient, satisfying projects

Benefit from our established workflows (professional briefings, transparent corrections, punctual billing and payment support). Direct your focus on the "real" 3D work. Our supplier portal makes all your administrative information immediately and easily accessible with its barrier-free integrations and easy-to-understand employee information.

Die Kreativ-Talente des RenderThat Talent Network formen eine große, internationale Community mit viel Spaß an 3D-Design Aufgaben.

Experience an extraordinary, international community

With the help and imagination of our designers based all around the world, we are constantly working to help all community members get to know each other better. Among other things, we organise online discussions on topics such as music, food and hobbies. Designers share insights into their past jobs and exchange ideas in an informal way. In particular, our shared playlist on Spotify is quite popular.

Das RenderThat Talent Network vergibt Awards und Auszeichnungen an herausragende 3D-Designer.

Win designer awards and accolades

Throughout the year, we honour some designers who have done exceptional work within the team and have earned an award for it. We also hold exciting internal competitions where our designers can let their creativity run free and win great prizes outside of the project work.

Die Community Manager stehen den Kreativ-Talenten des RenderThat Talent Network täglich bei der Arbeit an 3D-Design Aufgaben zur Steite.

Receive active support from dedicated community managers

Several community managers look after the people in our Talent Network with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. They are available to you every day and make sure that all your questions are answered and that you understand every part of our processes.

RenderThat zahlt seine Rechnungen zuverlässig via Payoneer, Paysera, Wise oder per normaler Banküberweisung.

Flexibly choose your favorite among the payment options

RenderThat reliably pays all your invoices after work is done, regardless of the payment terms of our customers. We support several well-known and secure payment systems such as Payoneer, Paysera, Wise as well as normal bank transfers. Location-related payment problems are thus completely excluded. Especially great: In our supplier portal, you can transparently view your payment processes at any time and receive updates, for example, when your invoice has been paid.

RenderThat Kreativ-Talent bei der Remote-Arbeit als 3D-Design Freelancer

Work remotely from your favourite place in the world

Our structures are explicitly designed to support you from anywhere. So, no matter where you are in the world or whether you are planning a move, we make sure that we can work together.

Die Kreativ-Talente von RenderThat werden langfristig bei ihrer professionellen Entwicklung als 3D-Designer gefördert.

Let us support your creative talent

With us, you are not "just" placed, but supported in your goals and allocated based on your talents. With a trained eye, we make sure that a project gets exactly the right freelancer. Through many years of work experience and cooperation with all kinds of different freelancers, our team ensures that your daily workflow is as smooth as possible.

Das RenderThat Talent Network verbessert durch konstruktives Designer Feedback seine Arbeits- und Projektprozesse für die Erstellung von 3D-Renderings.

Gladly give constructive feedback for process optimisation

After each project, we offer designers the opportunity to expand and improve our teams and processes. How? You express your opinion in the intended context and we offer you the same in return. Learning with and from each other moves us forward.


Learn more about our customer projects

Our team consists of the best talent in numerous 3D design disciplines including rendering, shading and more. We'll make sure you work on diverse projects from great companies. Check out the projects our designers have already mastered.


What designers from our talent pool say about RenderThat

"At RenderThat I have found a very pleasant workplace where I can grow professionally. I am so happy to be part of this global artist team."


(3D designer from Argentina)

"RenderThat is great to work with! Their creative process is very well organized and the briefing is always very detailed, which makes it a wonderful experience! The community is great and always there when you need help. I highly recommend working with them!"


(3D designer from Algeria)

"I have been working at RenderThat as a freelance 3D designer for 1.5 years. During this time I have developed a very positive opinion about the company. The managers are friendly and leave a pleasant and professional impression. If something is not clear, you are always advised. The workflow is very well set up; there are no incomprehensible delays - and that's important for any designer, which is why I enjoy working on projects at RenderThat."


(3D designer from Russia)

"RenderThat is a company that cares about people. Management is always looking for ways to build community and help its members, no matter where we are. Project managers, specialists, and other designers are always willing to help with the creative process or point you in the right direction when in doubt. Overall, the working atmosphere is great!"


(3D designer from Mexico)

"I am happy to work with RenderThat. Here I find everything I need: a great crew of professionals, exciting workflows and projects, collaboration with the best global artists."


(3D designer from Bulgaria)

"The best part of working at RenderThat is the opportunity to watch the company grow steadily. Almost every day there is something new that has a big impact on the daily work. Being part of this endeavor encourages me to make even minor changes to the way I do my own work. This makes it better, more efficient and even more satisfying."


(3D designer from Poland)


Your application process to become a 3D design freelancer at RenderThat

Our talent scouts are on the lookout worldwide for committed freelancers whom we trust to make the leap into our exclusive talent pool.



Either you write to us via the contact form (preferably filled out as thoroughly as possible) or you have already come to our attention elsewhere. In both cases, our talented recruiters will take a close look at your portfolio and skills and get back to you as soon as possible.


Our first meeting

If you meet our requirements, we will contact you by e-mail. At this point we would like to get to know you better. In addition, we would like to know what knowledge you have with various 3D software tools. Afterwards, we will negotiate and determine together what your hourly wage could look like.


Your personal skills assessment

In the next step, we invite you to our Slack channel and give you a small, unpaid test (skill assessment), e.g. the task of building a 3D model of a product based on a photo reference. (Depending on the assessment type, you will be given a different amount of time to complete the required task). You can of course contact the specialist team at any time during your assessment and will receive open and constructive feedback from us. Of course, you can use the results of your assessment for your portfolio.


It's a match!

If you have successfully passed the skills assessment, there will be some paperwork (General Agreement, NDA etc.) and then the final documents will be signed. (The PDFs will also be available for you to download later).


RenderThat Onboarding

Welcome to the RenderThat Talent Network! Now you will get all the necessary access to our platforms, task management systems, software tools etc.. You will learn how we work together as a team and will be introduced to our designer topics. Don't worry, if you have any questions, our RenderThat community is always there to help.


Your first project begins...

Here, too, we make sure that you have settled into the RenderThat Talent Network before you really get started. Your first assignment starts as soon as you are familiar with our work processes. You'll be introduced to your team, receive your first task and get to work. You will also get a chance to meet the other designers in your team.

What tips for a successful application?

Find out here exactly what you should consider when applying successfully for open positions in our 3D designer community.

What kind of projects am I likely to work on?

RenderThat works on projects in 3D design, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Animation to name a few. This falls into various sectors such as fashion, retail, homeware, audiovisual technology and health.

Can I use other software instead of RenderThat's recommended tools?

This is not an option. Since we handle a lot of files in our daily work, it is even more important that the same software is used throughout the company.

Do I have to live in a certain time zone to work with RenderThat?

This depends on the project, but a slight overlap for communication is always helpful.

Do I have to be in a certain country to work for RenderThat?

No, our RenderThat Talent Network is completely remote. So you can work from anywhere, as long as you complete your tasks in the agreed time. If you are based within the EU, you will also need a VAT ID for tax identification.

How does communication about projects take place within RenderThat?

You will regularly talk to your project team about the tasks and discuss the overall progress.

How long does the RenderThat Skills Assessment take?

The duration of the assessment can vary but generally takes 1 to 2 working days. It is often a simulation of a "real" customer task. This means that additional requests or feedback can be added during the process.

How long does the onboarding process take?

The duration of the onboarding process depends on the individual project and designer. As a designer, you will be guided step by step through every aspect of our workflows and introduced to our software, time management systems and workflows. Only when you are familiar with our processes will you be given your first tasks.

Become part of our international talent network for 3D designers

You want to work on innovative projects and prove your talent? We are your gateway to exciting challenges from major companies that need exactly your expertise.

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Interior Visualizer (m/f/d)
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3D Animator (m/f/d)
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