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Technology investor ImCap invests in innovative CGI software specialist RenderThat

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November 21

Hamburg, November 21, 2023 — Micro-cap technology investor ImCap invests in the successful CGI software company RenderThat and is adding another Hidden Technology Champion to its portfolio. The Hamburg-based specialist for computer-generated images RenderThat helps its customers with software, process know-how and services for digitized product visualization. The company efficiently creates photorealistic, computer-generated images and films based on digital twins. As a result of the rapidly increasing demand for digital content in eCommerce, personalized advertising and technological leaps in digital image processing, such as the use of artificial intelligence, the CGI market is growing sustainably. The growth financing provided by IMCap will be used by RenderThat in particular to expand its software product portfolio and for potential add-on acquisitions.

“We have been working with industry-leading retailers and product manufacturers for over 10 years and know how to make all processes related to creating product visualizations more efficient for our customers with our software. With IMCap, we have now found a suitable partner who supports us financially, but also with expertise and experience, in the development of our company and in particular our software solutions,” says RenderThat CEO and Co-Founder David Wischniewski.

renderThat creates digital 3D models, on the basis of which photorealistic computer-generated images (“Computer Generated Images” - (CGI)) of physical products in any design and in various scenes can be efficiently created and edited. The specialized CGI workflow software RenderThat HUB offers companies the opportunity to easily and conveniently create their content, edit, manage and scale in teams of any size. In addition, the HUB supports transparent and flexible cooperation with external stakeholders worldwide. RenderThat thus offers an efficient and scalable solution for creating and using product visualizations. The RenderThat HUB eliminates the efficiency losses of conventional methods, such as complex photo shoots, which are very costly and time-consuming, especially with large product portfolios. With IMCap's involvement, the founders of RenderThat plan to further develop this leading technology and offer it to agencies and companies worldwide.

“Companies need more and more content, in particular images and videos, to market their products via a growing number of digital and analog media. RenderThat is one of the pioneers in developing processes and software products that support the development, editing and management of digital assets and make them scalable. With the RenderThat HUB, customers can develop product content much more efficiently than with analog technologies, which leads to a quick return on investment,” explains Frank Gleitz, partner at IMCap. “With RenderThat, we are delighted to be able to accompany another hidden champion from the software world made in Germany. ”

About RenderThat

RenderThat was founded in 2012 as a 3D agency and has now developed into a provider of software-based CGI solutions. The company has locations in Hamburg and Cologne.

The mission: to offer the easiest way to digitize products and thus create exciting content for product marketing.

RenderThat's customers include well-known companies such as beyerdynamic, Duravit, Schlaraffia, Hilding Anders, Bosch Siemens Household Appliances and BMW, which rely on innovative visualizations for their products.

About IMCap

IMCap, based in Düsseldorf, is a focused investment company that invests in micro-cap software and technology companies with strong management teams, clear technology differentiation and sustainable growth prospects. The IMCAP team has many years of operational management experience in technology companies and proven software expertise. In this way, 'Hidden Technology Champions' can be identified in a targeted manner and the opportunities and risks of an investment can be weighed up in a well-founded manner. IMCap sees itself as an active partner that supports its portfolio companies both financially and with operational know-how, tools and its own network in scaling their business models. As a result, 'hidden champions' are systematically becoming leading, established software and technology companies.

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