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RenderThat makes Jan Viohl Head of Growth

Jan Viohl, Head of Growth at RenderThat
August 29, 2023

RenderThat is striving for further growth and has found an internal solution for this in the person of Jan Viohl: As Head of Growth, the 38-year-old Hamburger will significantly shape the development of the 3D agency into a technology company.

“With Jan, we have laid the foundation for growing out of a specialized 3D agency and winning new customers and markets for us over the past two years,” says RenderThat CEO David Wischniewski.

“In the coming years, we are aiming for growth that is accompanied by a significant expansion of our offering. Jan is the perfect person to think bigger about our sales structures and to better combine marketing and sales.”

Before RenderThat, Jan Viohl worked in B2B marketing for over 10 years in various positions in international corporations and agencies, such as Niterra, Allied Vision or the Bremen-based agency Bernstein.

As Head of Marketing, the trained business economist and advertising agent has set up the marketing structures at RenderThat since 2021 and is now responsible for new customer business in addition to marketing.

“We have noticed time and time again how enthusiastic our customers are with the solutions we have developed ourselves. If these options had existed 10 years ago, I would have been on significantly fewer photo shoots and could have saved a lot of money and hours of retouching,” says Jan Viohl.

“It's a lot of fun to promote, and the corporate culture at RenderThat is just right for me. The get-things-done mentality fuels ideas and prevents downtime in order to be able to adapt quickly. I'm excited to share our software and expertise with a wider audience. Process-oriented 3D production removes many hurdles and opens up opportunities for our customers that really offer added value and are therefore fun to sell.”

About RenderThat

RenderThat is a leading 3D agency from Hamburg and Cologne, which has developed into a technology company in recent years.

The mission: to offer the easiest way to digitize products and thus create exciting, scalable content for product marketing.

Customers include well-known companies such as beyerdynamic, Duravit, Schlaraffia, Hilding Anders, Bosch Siemens household appliances and BMW, which rely on innovative visualizations for their products.

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