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The integrated communication platform

Revyoo is an essential part of the RenderThat workflow and enables our customers to provide quick and precise feedback on ongoing projects. The tool serves as a central hub and enables several contacts to be connected to our created content and optimizes communication channels and processes.

How to work in Revyoo

1. Comment

Comment on the current status of the developed content. Mark sensitive areas and add the content in the right place.

2. References

Revyoo enables you to deliver reference images for sensitive areas and thus enables a more precise implementation of the content.

3. All formats

No matter whether images, animations or interactive 3D models. Revyoo offers suitable features for common formats in order to optimize the coordination.

4. Add variations

You have the option within the tool to precisely define and order new perspectives or variants of the content.

5. All common formats

Revyoo works with several common formats such as images, animations and videos or even GLB-files to evaluate 3D-models.

Revyoo – The connecting hub

Revyoo simplifies communication with suppliers, customers and important stakeholders in your company. By using it as a central hub with adaptable connections to your infrastructure, you can make your workflow more efficient.

Easy to connect

We offer customised solutions to fit Revyoo exactly to your integration needs. Revyoo can be integrated into existing infrastructures easily.

Increased efficiency

By connecting Revyoo to your communication tools we can guarantee a flawless integration into your existing workflows and improve efficiency.

Connect your suppliers

Revyoo gives your whole supply chain of content creation access and connects it to your defined Review and approval processes.

Interested in a demo?

In addition to many other functions and high adaptability of Revyoo, it offers the possibility of connection to DAM or PIM systems. We look forward to advising you without obligation and to showing you exciting ways of optimizing processes and communication with our tools. Let’s talk about it!


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