It’s Saturday, Tutorial-Day at RenderThat, nothing unnormal on first sight, but today we got something special for you!

Peter Nowacki, a CG-Artist who lives in Warsaw [Poland], wrote a fantastic Making Of for you, in which he explains how he used 3DS Max, vRay, Photoshop and After Effects to achieve the great visualization shown below.


Hello everyone, my name is Peter Nowacki and I’m from Warsaw, Poland. You can look through my portfolio, Behance or I would like to introduce you Recent Project called “The race day”, it’s based on Gary’s Tonge concept art, You can see that masterpiece here.


First of all I started to block out My whole scene using Gary’s concept as a bacground. I set up base mesches, fit camera angles and build whole base geometry, nothing special in this part 😉


For modeling, I used simply polygons, also develop my skills in sculpting in side 3ds Max and using the MSmooth options. I try to add many details on the corners and whole walls.



So I made base mesh, get more segments, sculpt using max tools Then add displacement, bump on textures. The Important thing in this scene is How to have good UV maps. I spent longtime to create uv maps, then I painted my textures by and, mixing them with other textures, to create realistic feeling.


I add some VrayDirt directly in 3ds Max, used alternately “invert normal” option. Ambient Occlusion was added by GI settings.



To add realism to my scene I used VrayDirt, little dirt on corners, some dust arround, scratched part on wooden elements. Here is my setup for wall’s texture:



After creating main part of the street and texturing it, there was time for adding details in steampunk way 🙂 I started with windows, engines through bicycles. Focusing at Leonardo Da Vinci in gathering references gave amazing results for me. I designed basic engine, some wings made from wood and skin, power supply and automatic mail box based on the right side of the scene. I done bikes at the end, after hours of modeling many simple bikes, and to be honest, creating them was the terrible part of whole image 🙂


Here are my „details”:



For lighting I used basic Global Illumination, I lighted up whole scene by Vray sphere lights, from the middle of the scene and in the tunnel. It also give me some kind of unnatural light in good way.



And here are my render settings:


For the post processig I chose looks for AfterEffects, creating soft Chrommatic Abberation and add little smoke in Photoshop.


So that’s all, no secret magic was used at this scene 🙂 Hope you like it and it helps your workflow. Thank you!