Hello everyone, my name Alberth Costa a.k.a “uchimata”, I’m a CG Artist and Architectural Visualization artist based in Belém do Pará – Brazil. I began my career very early and went through several studios here in Brazil and I’m currently freelancing. Today via RenderThat I would like to shows you how I created the simple interior renderings with 3ds max and VRay


The modeling process is very simple, first of all I configured the scale of the scene in centimeters then I used poly modeling like the images below.


perspective view – modeling process


top view – modeling process


front view – modeling process


The next step would texturing, being a simple scene the texturing process was very fast, I used vray displacement only in the bed


bed texture


concrete texture


Lighting I used a Vray light in the door to generate an influence of external lighting, a vray dome to generate GI and shadows and a internal with temperature to give the clima the scene. On my camera I used a color opposite to the vray light as internal filter in the environment I used a vray sky and copied as for instance the vray dome as you guys can see the settings in the images.


light – vray dome settings


light – vray plane door settings


light – vray plane interior settings

renderthat_blog_tut_making_of_simplicity_10_vray sky and envirioment

environment settings


camera settings


My render settings are simple and I did not use LWF for the rendering. Here they are:


render settings

Post Production

The process of post production, I just made some fixes levels and curves, I used a few pass renders this work, only one pass of AO, reflection, refraction because I have some glasses and Wire color in the scene to assist in post, usually I set reflections color and contrast in the scene using the pass I have available as you can see in the images, and whenever I finish a post condense layers and use a Hi-pass filter with an overlay blend to produce a more natural sharpen ..


post production adjusts


render image


final image




That’s all! And I want to thank everyone for the great support of my work First to God because only He is worthy of all honor and glory, my friends, my Family, my wife and my beautiful daughter who sometimes gets on my lap with you hands on the keyboard ..(I love you Laura) To all the people who are important during this process, and I hope you all like it was a great pleasure can contribute to making off of this entire community.