The leading platform for publishing 3D content Sketchfab is partnering with us, to bring 3d viewer experience to RenderThat.

Instead of uploading screenshots of a 3D model, designer can simply upload a 3D file to a project and present it to the client in an interactive way. It supports 27+ formats and does not require any plugin. Now clients and designer can easily coordinate product details, set camera angles for renderings and getting a feeling for the products look even before it is produced.

This brings us a step closer to our goal of creating an absolute efficient project workflow.

How does it work?

As soon as a designer attends a projects he can simply upload any type of file: images, videos or 3d files. Upload a file is as simple as dragging the file from your desktop into the browser.


All submissions will be presented in a clean and easy to use “submissions dashboard”. From there, the client get a quick overview of all files which were uploaded.

2-submissions_tabNow it comes to getting a closer look and giving feedback to the designer. Thanks to Sketchfab, now our clients can simply get a three dimensional and interactive view of the product they designed. They can even give direct feedback to the designer, so that he can improve his design.


Want to have a look yourself?

Simple open the project page and browse through the 3d designs.