Today, we are launching the all new and improved as well as plattform.

We put a lot of thought, endless discussions and sleepless nights into it.

Together with the new Logo, [RenderThat] delivers a better design, more features, and a easy to use and navigate platform.

We see [RenderThat] as a platform for sharing and collaborating.

There is so much talent out there, without companies or people, who would like to work with that talented designer, know about it.

If you are a designer, you can now display yourself and your work on a customisable profile, showing your portfolio, follow other designers and companies, and attend a variety of different contests without any charge.

For companies or people in need for a 3D visualization, 3D model, animation, or any kind of 2 dimensional work (CAD drawing) we offer even easier and faster ways to start a contest, communicate your thoughts throughout the whole project duration, and if needed continue to work on the project with the contest winner after the contest in a private space.

There are also gorgeous ways to track your contests, invite designer to a private contest

For Clients

  • a easier way to start a contest
  • invite 3D Artists and Designer to your contest
  • improved communication between contest holder and designer through the whole process of the contest
  • after a contest ends, you will be able to continue to work on your design with the 3D artist in a private space on RenderThat
  • track your contest, stay in touch with 3D artists and invite them to your latest contest

For 3D Artists and Designer

  • build your portfolio and share it with others
  • you can earn points by being active on RenderThat and winning contests
  • get listed higher in the designer listing, which will attract more contest holder to invite you to a private contest
  • create your public profile and share it with users.

We will listen to our users and improve the website and add new features on a weekly basis.