Over the past year, we’ve been working hard to develop, test, and refine the best possible system of collaboration between clients and designers. After taking all the input, advice, and criticism that we’ve received during that year into account, we’re finally ready to roll out the newest conception of RenderThat.

The first of the many changes we’ve implemented is a new, simpler design aimed at making it easier for clients to find ideal designers, and efficiently manage their projects within RenderThat. We’ve redesigned the project submit form to be more comprehensive, and user-friendly, and expanded our social media channels in order to find talented designers from around the world who meet the criteria of all of our clients’ challenging projects.

In order to streamline project management, we’ve enhanced communication by allowing comments to be placed directly within visualizations. Clients will now be able to communicate their needs in a better, more visual way directly to the designer.

We’ve also set up partnerships with 3rd party companies to offer their services through our platform. Through our collaboration with New York City based company, Sketchfab, we’ve implemented a new 3D viewer.

In addition to these improvements, we’re implementing a new 3-stage ‘Casting’ process, meaning that there are now three ways you can use RenderThat to find the ideal designer for your project.

The first of these is a contest style project. This is ideal for clients who are unsure about what they are looking for, and want many different ideas from a variety of designers. The client simply describes what they need and any designer can submit their designs. The client then has the option of choosing the one that works best for their project.

The 3-stage casting style project aims to improve the overall quality of the work, and gives clients more control over who they’re working with and what they expect from the design. This is how it works:

Stage 1: After submitting your project through our newly redesigned form, you’ll begin to receive applications from potential designers. You can review each designer’s previous work, and choose the top three designers who you believe will be the best match for your project.

Stage 2: The three selected designers will complete a small sample test for you to judge their skills. This will be, for example, a small portion of the overall project, not a complete finished product. Based on this sample test, you’ll evaluate the designers’ skill, and decide on the one who best meets your criteria for the project.

Stage 3: The winner of the second stage will complete the project in it’s entirety.

The third option is a direct hire project. This is ideal for clients who have already worked with a designer in the past and want to use them again, or who have a specific designer in mind they’d like to work with. By hiring a designer directly, clients also have access to better communication features which allow projects to be completed quicker, and more efficiently.

But this is just the beginning. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency and design of RenderThat. In the future, our main focus will be on further enhancing the collaboration between clients and designers, giving designers more possibilities to find new clients, and enabling cloud working. We’ll also work on building new partnerships with 3rd-party companies, and developing new tools to use within RenderThat.

Of course, we also welcome further feedback from our users on how we can best improve RenderThat to serve their needs.

In the end, we hope to offer everything you need for a successful creative collaboration. Our goal is to put an end to both hardware and software, and allow both clients and creatives to complete projects using only their smartphone or tablet. We still have a long way to go in our journey, but we hope that this redesign brings us one step closer to helping you create amazing things together, and we look forward to developing alongside you.

Stay tuned to find out what’s in store next for RenderThat.