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We have developed sharepa for our users due to the inadequacy of the existing file-sharing services.

Companies in particular are often faced with the challenge of sharing large data volumes which cannot be executed through existing services due to their free volume limitations or inefficient setup. With sharepa, we offer businesses and individual users the opportunity to easily transfer files of up to 5 GB free of charge.

Sharepa is designed in accordance with the principles of efficiency and collaboration promoted by RenderThat, with intuitive usability and fast data transfer in mind. We have optimized the entire process of uploading and downloading – unnecessary clicks and time-consuming procedures are now things of the past! From now on you will be able to not only upload individual files, but entire folders by dragging and dropping them into your opened browser window. The transfer of entire folders without the tedious process of selecting individual files allows for a faster and more efficient collaboration across the board.

Even the appearance and design of sharepa remains faithful to our philosophy. No more annoying Banner advertizing! Instead, we have introduced alternating backgrounds that enrich the user experience and offer glimpses of the diversity of design work featured on RenderThat.

Once uploaded, the files remains available for download for an entire week.

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Render That is the world’s first platform dedicated to the development of all types of visualization requests. The company sees itself as an agency for designers on one hand, and a digital extension of companies looking for creative solutions on the other.

Designers are offered a platform to showcase their skills and portfolios in the best way possible.

Render That assumes the task of acquiring new clients and aims to allow designers to focus on their creative work without having to deal with the administrative side of business.

Whether they are looking for illustrations, 3d models, rendering or visualization, companies are offered a simple and cost-effective way of visualizing and promoting their products. Different options provided by the platform allow for flexible collaboration and address different needs of the users.