We are super excited to announce the launch of the first online marketplace devoted exclusively to 3D design, visualization, and animation. RenderThat connects businesses and 3D designers worldwide. On our web platform you will be able to  and attend 3D rendering, 3D modelling, and animation contests! 

New York — RenderThat, a creative marketplace for 3D design and related services, announced the official launch of its web-based platform today.

RenderThat connects businesses and 3D designers worldwide on the first online marketplace tailored specifically for the burgeoning market for 3D rendering, modeling and animations. Visualizations occupy an increasingly important place in architecture and its related industries, where such packaged services are becoming par for the course. Although the relatively young market has historically been driven by the architecture industry, construction companies, developers, and product designers are poised to grab a greater share in the coming years, as the multi-million industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 35.6%.

Targeting this growing demand, RenderThat allows businesses to access a wellspring of talent worldwide through its contest-hosting platform. Taking its cues from the popular “crowdsourcing” model, RenderThat allows businesses in need of rendering services to post design brief identifying their needs, upload any necessary files, and wait for the submissions by 3D designers to roll in.

RenderThat, however, diverges from this model at many important junctures. Unlike other design marketplaces, the site is devoted exclusively to 3D rendering and related services that have a steep learning curve. According to cofounder David Wischniewski, “Establishing a baseline skill set effectively raises the bar on the quality of submissions. Sourcing from a global group of individuals who are up on the latest softwares and techniques, allows businesses to focus on their core activities while delivering a superior product to the client and achieving their own marketing goals.”

Secondly, the site offers unique incentives to designers. Contests hosted on RenderThat provide compensation not only to the winning designer, but to the second and third runners-up. In addition, the site’s founders plan to add a number of free educational and reference services to the platform, including tutorials and an online texture resource library, available to all registered users.

“Right now, the demand for rendering services in architecture completely outpaces the ability of small- to mid-sized firms to keep up,” explains Wischniewski. “There are a lot of factors. Consumers today are savvy and expect high-quality visualizations as marketing collateral for architectural designs and products alike. Small- to mid-sized firms just don’t have the time, resources, or technical know-how to produce even suitable renderings internally. Meanwhile, there is little occasion for young and independent designers or students to get a foothold. With RenderThat, we want to create opportunities for businesses to reach out to the vast potential of this talented community, and to foster ongoing creative partnerships.”