Almost two months have passed since we relaunched RenderThat with an all new design, a ton of new features and a totally new script. Since then we started working on new features, and we are proud to introduce three of these today: The Live-Chat, the Designer Listing and the Invite Me Feature.


Some of you may have recognized that we activated a new feature last week without pronouncing it on the blog: The Live Chat. Granted, it is not the biggest feature we introduced since the beta-launch, but it is worth telling. It helps customers to ask questions in the most direct way there is. Got any questions? Click the Live-Chat Button in the lower right of the page and our support team will solve any problem as quickly as possible.


Designer Listing

The Designer Listing, as its name suggests, lists every designer on RenderThat. It is possible to sort the list by name, specialty, designer level and by prize money.

But it is more than that:

On the one hand it’s easy for customers to search for designers who meet their needs, furthermore they are able to invite these designers to a contest directly out of the list. On the other hand it’s a great tool for 3D artists to start socializing and networking with other artists.


Invite Me

As already mentioned earlier the the “Invite Me” feature offers contest holders the possibility to invite 3D artists to their contests. We added this feature to the designer listing and as you can see in the picture below, to the artists portfolio.


We hope you like the new features!