The Challenge

KW:AG is a real estate development company operating in the area of Munich, Germany. One of their major projects is the development of a new multi-purpose residential complex called the Leopold Carré in the area of Schwabing, in the north of Munich, which will consist of three individual buildings; one containing studio living spaces, one for small family apartments, and one for hotel suites. This was a challenging project which would require the coordination of many different pieces including 3D renderings, matte paintings, and video footage edited together into one seamless video.

The Process

RenderThat received an email from drehbewegung, a marketing production studio. Our project manager set up a meeting to familiarize themselves with the details of the project which KW:AG had contracted to them, and for which they needed high quality renderings. After drawing up a plan, we set about finding the best designer to work on this multi-stage project. Over 250 designers applied, and of those, we chose 3 to create a test animation based on KW:AG’s requirements.

After consulting with drehbewegung and KW:AG, we decided to invite two of the designers to come together to form a team for the final project. Our project manager worked with the designers, giving feedback and providing support where possible.

We also needed to find a video producer to work on masking parts of the video footage. Applications for the video producer job came from all around the world, including a professional video editor from a Canadian TV channel, and media communications students from Italy and Germany. In the end we were able to find the best option for our budget and timeframe within just 3 days.

The Result

The entire project was completed exactly to KW:AG’s specifications. The video explains the vision the company had for the complex, and shows the three planned buildings in beautifully rendered detail in order to market the new residential project to potential buyers. The video combines rendered drawings, professionally filmed interviews with the company founders, and sweeping shots of the area filmed with drones, as well as matte paintings of the buildings to give an overall impression of the completed complex.